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Aloha and Welcome to Kaua`i Kim Chee LLC

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Established in 2015, Kaua`i Kim Chee LLC is a small local business that manufactures and distributes fresh local side dishes like Korean style Kimchee, Namasu and Pickled Daikon. You can also find them at the local farmers market at Kauai Community College, Kapaa art walk on first Saturdays and other community events where they serve local style plate lunches. 

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What is Kimchee?

Kimchee or Kimchi is a Korean fermented or salted vegetable that is marinated or rubbed with a chili paste. There are many types of kimchee made from many different types of vegetables. The most common vegetables used are Napa cabbage and Daikon(radish).

As kimchee ages with time it enhances in flavor making it more spicy, a bit tangy, and very delicious. With age kimchee is also known to produce probiotics which is great for gut health. 

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Kaua`i Kim Chee has four products available in the stores: Won Bok Kimchee, Namasu, Pickled Daikon, and "Haba haba" habanero Pico de Gallo.

Kaua`i Kim Chee LLC is always trying to create new products, different types of kimchee, pickles and other types of side dishes like pickled onions, pickled mango, kimchee cucumber, kimchee daikon, salsa, and guacamole. When available you can find these products at the farmers market at Kauai Community College on Saturdays from 9:30am to 1:00pm.


Kaua`i Kim Chee

Won Bok

Kaua`i Kim Chee makes their kimchee with won bok or Napa cabbage. They make their kimchee fresh and in small batches that is ready to be delivered and served the next day. As it gets older it gets more fermented which enhances and intensifies the flavor making it tangy, spicy and more delicious.



Japanese Cumber pickle

Namasu is a Japanese pickle. It is a fresh sweet and tangy pickle similar in taste with a new pickle or a bread and butter pickle. Kaua`i Kim Chee uses Japanese cucumbers, carrots, and daikon.   

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Pickled Daikon

Pickled Radish and Carrots

Daikon is also known as a white radish. This product is made similar to the namasu. The daikon and carrots are cut into disks and is lightly pickled in a vinegar and sugar pickling liquid.


"Haba haba" habanero Pico de Gallo

Habanero Pico de Gallo 

Pico de Gallo is a type of salsa. It's made fresh and is an uncooked mixture of chopped tomatoes and onions, cilantro, fresh chiles, lime juice, and salt.

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Where can you find Kaua`i Kim Chee

Kaua`i Kim Chee LLC started out selling their local side dishes at the local famers market at the Kauai Community College. You can now find their products at most of the local stores on Kauai. They also supply a few local restaurants who feature Kaua`i Kim Chee in their food. 

You can also find Kaua`i Kim Chee selling their plate lunches at special events.

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Where to Buy Kaua`i Kim Chee

Grocery stores and local markets

On Kaua`i you can find their delicious side dishes at most grocery stores. You can find them at Safeway, Big Save, Times supermarket, Sueoka store, Kukuiula Store, Harvest Market, ABC store, the Island Country Market, and Foodland.

What places uses Kaua`i Kim Chee products


There are a few places who uses Kaua`i Kim Chee in there food. Places like Kountry Style Kitchen who uses Kaua`i Kim Chee in their "Polynesian omelette". The Island Country Market uses it in their kimchee fried rice. Java Kai uses the Namasu in their Cubano sandwiches.

Kaua`i Kim Chee

Plate Lunches at special events

Kaua`i Kim Chee also serves plate lunches at local events. They serve local style food to highlight their side dishes. Food like Kalbi short ribs, Teriyaki chicken, roast pork with mushroom gravy, bulgogi sliders and their "kimcheez" burger.
You can find them at the farmers market at the Kauai community college is on Saturdays from 9:30am to 1:00pm. Kapaa Art Walk on the first Saturday of every month from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. They also do other special events that is TBA. Follow their Instagram for the latest details.

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Lihue, Kauai County 96766

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